Swimming pool demo with new turf and sprinklers in La Jolla.

We were called out to this pool to talk about removal and what can we do with the old pool footprint. We decided that the pool deck and coping would make for a nice border for turf. We had to clean up the tile coping and knock out the bottom for drainage but we felt it was very doable.

We used protective coverings not to damage the concrete and existing pool decking. We did not remove any tile or coping as this was not necessary because we back filled up to the slate line with soil then turf.  We cut out a large hole in the bottom of the swimming pool for drainage. We always use clean compactable fill soil for all of our projects. We compacted the soils as we go as this insures that the settling that can occur in the future is minimal.

We added 12″ of top soil for the installation of sprinklers and real grass. We were able to tie into the existing drainage system so this worked out great. The clients were very happy with the final results. If you did not know there was a pool here before, it is hard to tell today.

San Diego swimming pool removal la jolla

The is the after shot of the pool demo with new landscape

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