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Our Unique Pool Demo Process

Pool demo regulations in San Diego county varies from city to city so we have developed a unique pool demo process that works for all cities. Every demo company has their way of demoing a pool however we have found it takes a minimum number of steps remove or demo properly.

We have developed this unique program from our past experience of fixing other demo companies poor work. We have a minimum of 12 steps however each project is different and may require more steps to complete the demo properly. Some of the major mistakes other companies have made are not installing enough or no drainage, using large rubble to backfill, using FREE dirt that can not achieve proper compaction and lack of experience.

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Our Unique 12 Step Pool Demo Process

  1. Develop a Plan for Phase 2: This step of the demo process is the most crucial to the demo and removal of your existing pool. What are you going to do with space when the pool or spa is gone? We spend the time to discuss the next phase of your project so we can determine how much of the pool or spa needs to be demoed. If you are going to plant real grass, install synthetic turf or pavers we need to know this so we can prepare the area properly for these different products. Also, if you are going to build a structure like a room addition the demo process is more extensive and requires a different approach. We have the experience to help you design the perfect landscape that will replace the pool and make the new space enjoyable to use. Give us a call or use our online estimate process to request a consultation.
  2. Permit Process: Every pool in the county of San Diego requires a permit for removal and each city has different rules and requirements. We are experts in this process and we make getting the permit as simple as a signature. We handle the notary, document collections, permit fees, permit submission and all the inspection out in the field.
  3. Draining the Pool or Spa: This step is a very important process as the City and County of San Diego has strict rules for draining the water. It’s mandatory that the water is checked for toxicity prior to draining. Based on the results the pool water will have to drain into the sewer system and not the storm drain located curbside of your property. If the water is not disposed of properly it can set you and us up for a major water pollution fine. To learn more about the city of San Diego Stormwater regulation please visit the city’s page to explain – Storm Water Regulations. It’s our job to protect you from any liability.
  4. Project Set Up: When we start the pool demo process we do a few initial set up tasks that get the job ready and protected during the process. We set up a porta potty so ourworkforcee has basic bathroom facilities to use during the project. We Unload all the equipment and secure the area with caution cones and tape to keep the workplace safe for everyone, including your neighbors. We install the storm water prevention items to help manage run off water and to protect the city storm drains. This is the most important step of the project and help avoid fines or environmental accidents.
  5. Disconnect Utilities: One of the very first things we do is disconnect any of the pool utilities like the gas line, electrical or solar water heaters. This allows the work space to be safe and free of any accidents during the demolition. This step in also required in the permit regulation.
  6. Concrete Cutting: We delineate the areas of concrete that are staying and slated for removal. We carefully cut all the surround hardscape making it a clean separation during the demo process.
  7. Demo for Drainage: This phase of pool demo separates us from the competition. Most companies and the City of San Diego do not a clear understanding of how much drainage is need to demo a pool properly. We demo a minimum of 30% of the pool floor and use a 2 step technique to ensure proper drainage. When back filling up to 120 yards of sold it VERY important to have the right amount of drainage or the consequences could be catastrophic.
  8. Demo Walls: Depending on what is going to happen in phase 2 of the project will determine how far down the walls of the pool or spa must be lowered. Currently there is no rule for the depth of the walls so its our job to explore and examine the use for the space once the pool is gone. If you are going to install real grass the walls are suggested at a cretin depth but if you plan on synthetic turf that measurement is very different. The process is completely different if you plan on building a room addition or build on top of this space. We will advise you on the best depth.
  9. Concrete Demo: Walkway, decking, patios, driveways and more can be demolished during a pool demo. This concrete or hardscape can be deposited into the pool during the back fill phase. The most important requirement of this material is the proper size. Its our policy to break downs these materials to the size of 6″ or less. This size requirement offers the best compaction rate without the liability of excessive settlement in the future.
  10. Proper Back Fill: This step of pool demo is very important and many companies fail to use the right materials during this phase of the demo. FREE dirt saves the contractor money but puts the demo as risk of settling or turning into a swamp later in the future. Its our policy to NEVER use free dirt and to pay for the best soil we can find. Our pool compaction testing has achieved an average of 94 to 98 percent compaction rate and insures our work ill not fail in the future.
  11. Restore Access: Every job requires some kind of access preparation so when we complete the job we will restore the access to the way we found it. Our goal is not to remove any gate or walls and we have specialty equipment to help in this step but if we do remove anything it will be restored.
  12. Clean up / Final Inspection: The very last step is to clean up your project and call for final inspection. Are crews are very thorough at cleaning up the job site and finalizing the project. ┬áDuring the clean up phase we call in the final inspection so when we are done cleaning the project is complete. All inspection documentation is handed over at final payment. That’s it, project complete.


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Awesome company and Billy is the best. Removed our pool quickly and did a great job. You can't go wrong using them. Thanks again

M. R. - San Diego

From start to finish everyone was professional, friendly, upfront and they exceeded my expectations of what demolishing a pool would incur. They met the deadlines and provided me with a beautiful landscaped yard that included a natural gas fire pit, lights, and plants. Great job!! Kudos to Ken who designed this, and to Garza property services for their hard work.

John H. - Santee

I can assure you, if you are looking to have your pool demolished and either no or a lot of landscaping done after the pool demo, you simply cannot do better than James Construction.

David M - San Diego

If you've been contemplating getting your pool buried or need a demo company for other work you are doing I highly recommend these guys. Quality work and good business practices.

MJ. - San Diego