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The True Cost of Your Swimming Pool

Every day your pool requires some kind of maintenance to keep it looking nice and safe. It requires filtration, water replacement, chemicals, cleaning and one time or annual repairs. All of these factors can add up and if you no longer use the pool it may be an expense that is not worth the investment.

It’s important to maintain the pool so you can avoid long term damage or create a health hazard by allowing algae and bacteria to build up. Keeping up with the chemistry of your pool water is extremely important.  The cost of yearly chemicals can be expensive however is not a choice, its a requirement.

Water evaporation can be a major factor in your yearly cost of owning a pool. The California Spa and Pool Industry Education Council estimate a half‐inch to two inches of evaporation occurs per week. This can add up to almost 20k of water loss for a standard 400 sqft pool. The water levels can also affect your pump system, tile, and grout and if too low if can be a fall hazard. You have to keep your pool full. Most insurance companies will void your homeowners’ insurance if you keep an empty pool.

Please use this calculator to determine your yearly cost of maintaining your pool. If you don’t use the pool as much, this calculator will help you understand the cost of keeping it around. You can give us a call at (858) 275-6300 and we will help you better understand your options or submit a request for a .

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Awesome company and Billy is the best. Removed our pool quickly and did a great job. You can't go wrong using them. Thanks again

M. R. - San Diego

From start to finish everyone was professional, friendly, upfront and they exceeded my expectations of what demolishing a pool would incur. They met the deadlines and provided me with a beautiful landscaped yard that included a natural gas fire pit, lights, and plants. Great job!! Kudos to Ken who designed this, and to Garza property services for their hard work.

John H. - Santee

I can assure you, if you are looking to have your pool demolished and either no or a lot of landscaping done after the pool demo, you simply cannot do better than James Construction.

David M - San Diego

If you've been contemplating getting your pool buried or need a demo company for other work you are doing I highly recommend these guys. Quality work and good business practices.

MJ. - San Diego