Swimming Pool Demo and New Raised Planter and Decorative Gravel

Our customer has enjoyed their pool for about 15 years when they decided to change the backyard. Price was a major factor so we came up with the best plan to keep most of the pool without removing the decking and walls.

We removed the coping tile and prep the walls for re-stuccoing. We carefully worked about the existing pool deck and demoed the bottom of the pool and filled it with compactable fill. We then connected the drainage to the existing system and added a drip zone for the new planters. Then we covered the area with landscape fabric and added decorative gravel for the ground cover.


The finishing touches were raised planter boxes and a step up area that showcased the owners design for a unique looking planter system. The step up planter had gravel, raised planters and a nice basalt rock water feature. This yard looks great and our customer has a new landscape that meets their needs of today.

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