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Spa Removal

Spa Removal is our expertise. Our crews are highly trained in spa removal and are here to help in the removal of your freestanding or a built-in spa. Depending on your future plans, we can help you with the removal and deign of the new space.

Spa walls are usually thicker than the pools so we have developed a method for removing and demoing the concrete without damaging the surrounding area. Spa removal can be tricky to removal without damaging the surrounding are so we focus on the best ways to ensure success.

Many customers of ours have been spa owners for a long time and spent many years just walking by the old spa or turned into a storage shelf. Its easy to loose track of time and after you know it years have gone by. We are here to help you regain that space back with the help of your spa removal. We can assist you in visualize what you could do to the area and start to enjoy the space again.

Turing that old spa into a new planter or water feature are just a few ideas of what you can do with that old space. If you are thinking of a spa removal please call us at (858) 275-6300 or submit a free online request for a proposal and let us show you what we can do for you.

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Awesome company and Billy is the best. Removed our pool quickly and did a great job. You can't go wrong using them. Thanks again

M. R. - San Diego

From start to finish everyone was professional, friendly, upfront and they exceeded my expectations of what demolishing a pool would incur. They met the deadlines and provided me with a beautiful landscaped yard that included a natural gas fire pit, lights, and plants. Great job!! Kudos to Ken who designed this, and to Garza property services for their hard work.

John H. - Santee

I can assure you, if you are looking to have your pool demolished and either no or a lot of landscaping done after the pool demo, you simply cannot do better than James Construction.

David M - San Diego

If you've been contemplating getting your pool buried or need a demo company for other work you are doing I highly recommend these guys. Quality work and good business practices.

MJ. - San Diego